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     The carpet cleaners from Cleaning Companies Coulsdon breathed life into my tired, old carpet. I never thought I'd see my carpet looking so beautiful again!
W. Bruce19/05/2020
     The cleaning crew from Coulsdon Cleaning Service are exceptional. They do a great cleaning job on my flat every week.
Betsy Hilliard20/09/2019
     Hired Carpet Cleaner Coulsdon for bathroom cleaning and was amazed by the result. They removed the limescale and stains from the tiles and sanitised the whole room. Great experience overall!
P. Dobson10/03/2017
     I have to admit that I'm not very easy to please, and with domestic services like carpet cleaning I can be particularly fussy about who I hire regularly. I'd tried a few cleaning firms before, but Carpet Cleaning Coulsdon really stand out in their quality and friendliness. I'd spent a long time dealing with unprofessional standards, or staff who really don't care about customer service. Finding these cleaners has changed all that, and I've been going to them ever since! Every job they've done on my home has been exactly what I asked for, and all the staff are great.
Mary Jacobs21/12/2015
     One off cleaning is not a service I have really had to use before, my messes being needy of more constant attention in the past but on this occasion - the clearance of a recently inherited old mansion - I knew I would need it. CoulsdonCarpetCleaners sent over a team who got rid of all the cobwebs, strange stains, thick layers of grey dust and got the old place looking as great as it must have done when my ancestors walked its halls. These cleaners were great and even though town is far away and there is no-one for miles they have agreed to return on a regular basis!
Liam Kinney09/10/2014
     In our office, we have loads of different people coming in, each day, so our carpets get dirty quite easily. At first we didn't really think much of it, but until we lost a potential investor based on our cleanliness level, we decided to do something about it. I called up CoulsdonCarpetCleaners to get a quote, and we were so impressed with the professional job that the team did, we decided to hire them on a longer term basis. Now we have spotlessly clean carpets, wonderful!
Simone Sommers04/09/2014
     When myself and my home isn't looking its best, I can't help but feel a little blue. That's why I subscribe to two philosophies; keeping fit, and hiring professionals to do my cleaning. Professional cleaners are particularly useful for me because it's difficult to find time in my hectic lifestyle to do it myself. CoulsdonCarpetCleaners is my company of choice not only because of the fine work that they do, but also because their hours are flexible as well. I can always be sure they're available when I need them, and a cleaner that fits around my lifestyle is very important to me!
     I have used CoulsdonCarpetCleaners a couple of times for the window cleaning, mainly because I just don't like the way that you get other window cleaners coming to your door and asking if they can do your windows there and then. I don't have time for strangers who want to look in to my house, and I prefer to use a tried and tested company. I have always been impressed by their ability to get the windows sparkling whilst doing the job quickly, and it is very lucky that I have found them, given my dislike of other firms!
Ruth Jones31/07/2014
     Our house has really benefited from the big clean we got from CoulsdonCarpetCleaners. We were planning to do a bit of a spring clean when the time was right, but had put it off for so long that we weren't sure that we had the expertise or the time to really do everything properly. That's why we took the time to do a bit of research and look for the best company. The help we got made a huge difference and it's like living in a new home. If anything, I'm just annoyed we didn't do it sooner.
Linda Parker04/06/2014
     I have been using CoulsdonCarpetCleaners for all of my cleaning for a long time now, and I am happy to say that they really are excellent. If you were wondering, the team are always prompt, very polite, and always do an excellent few hours of cleaning, leaving my house looking lovely. I am always surprised when I hand over the money, as it tends to seem like much too little for such good work. I shan't be arguing over it however! I hope that the good work keeps up, as I intend to be using this lot for a long while yet!
Melba Palmer29/04/2014
     After seeing just how amazing a professional clean from CoulsdonCarpetCleaners is, I know there's absolutely no way that I'll go back to cleaning my house by myself! I tried really hard to keep my house clean for my family, but with limescale, stains and deeply-set dirt, I just wasn't able to get my house looking how I wanted it. I called this company based on their online reviews and the service has been just astounding! My cleaner is really lovely and bubbly but she does an excellent job when it comes to cleaning. Even my stains are gone and I have so much more spare time!
Leah R.17/04/2014
     I hate cleaning, and cleaning my house wasn't just eating away at my time, but it was making me feel really down in the dumps! I decided that it was time to hire a house cleaner and started asking friends and neighbours for recommendations. CoulsdonCarpetCleaners's name cropped up a few times so I called them and explained my situation. They found me a cleaner who was more than skilled when dealing with pet odours and other pet problems in the home, and now my house always looks nothing short of amazing! Clean, efficient, reliable and affordable - is there anything else that you'd want from your cleaning company?!

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